Grade 12 visit to AUPP and Zaman University


Khmer New Year Party

On Saturday 9th April, Zaman International School hosted a Khmer New Year Celebration at the kindergarten campus.

Many teachers and (more…)

Grade 6 High School Orientation

Grade 6 students at Zaman Primary Campus attended a presentation about high school.

The orientation gave students a wealth of knowledge (more…)

Conversation with Cambodian National Football Players

On Saturday 2nd April, Zaman High School Campus hosted ‘Conversation with Cambodian National Football Players’.

Three football players, (more…)

India University Fair

Last week, grade 11 students from Zaman High School campus visited the India University fair, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom (more…)

Visiting H.E Dr. Pen Sophal

On the afternoon of 28th March, Zaman High School maths teachers, along with grade 10E, visited the Ministry of Urban Planning and Land (more…)

IFLC 2016

Saturday 26th March was the day of the International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) which was held at Koh Pich on Diamond Island. (more…)

Scrabble day at Monument Books

On 19th March 2016, grade 7 and 8 students were invited to participate in a scrabble contest at Monument Book Store.

Twenty students (more…)

កម្មវិធីសប្តាហ៍ សប្បុរសធម៌–នៅថ្ងៃទី៧ Charity week – Day 7

នាថ្ងៃចុងក្រោយនៃកម្មវិធីពិធីសប្បុរសធម៌សិស្សទាំងឡាយបានច្រៀងចំរៀងយ៉ាងពិរោះជូនចំពោះឪពុកម្តាយ លោកគ្រូ អ្នកគ្រូ និងបុគ្គលិក។ អ្នកចូលរួមទស្សនាទាំងអស់ (more…)